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Strong growth demands new warehouse solutions. Ökoring Handels GmbH is one of the leading Bavarian wholesalers of organic products. Its product range includes fresh and dairy products, pasta, beverages, natural cosmetics, frozen foods and meat. Ökoring serves customers from the catering and trade sectors as well as public institutions. In Mammendorf, the wholesaler operates its own warehouse with over 10,000 items. The steady growth of the company demanded a gradual extension of the warehouse. Ökoring asks Dataphone in the summer of 2016 to establish a modern warehouse management and transport system with integrated online processes. In a first step, Dataphone introduces LVS Logis across all product ranges.  

Modernization. By modernizing the processes, existing structures should be better utilized, warehouse solutions optimized in terms of efficiency and process reliability, and sustainable growth made possible. The project includes process definition, software development and configuration, ERP interface programming, warehouse organization and structure, new hardware components, testing but also staff training and ultimately the entire system implementation.

Ensuring a smooth go-live. After the project kick-off in the summer of 2016, the software is being developed in the following months. The initial warehouse inventory takes place in October 2017. Logis is being implemented in the course of a weekend with 9 specialists from Dataphone providing an around-the-clock-support. During testing, staff trainings and system implementation, Dataphone works closely with an external logistics specialist. Shortly after the introduction of the WMS system Logis, a 20-50% increase in order picking can be observed. 

The project goals at a glance

  • Optimization of inventory management
  • Reduction of the error rate
  • Full product traceability, especially important for compliance with batches and best before dates regulations
  • Improvement potential in warehouse logistics by eliminating unproductive work such as paper handling, orientation, administration, etc.
  • Optimization of material flow and material output including staff scheduling
  • Joint development of efficiency-enhancing processes
  • Transparency in warehouse management (e.g., turnover rate, picking progress)
  • Establish basis for further system expansion


Assortment management made easy. Valora, the Swiss trading and logistics holding company, and its 129 avec. shops rely on mobile product scanners. Since 2012, the often bulky and defect-prone barcode scanners have successively been replaced by smartphones in our modern Linea PRO scan covers. Our Shopper app runs on the smartphones and is revolutionizing the avec. shop’s ordering system: within seconds, assortments are now being planned, checked and new products ordered. Mobile, simple and fast.

Win-win-situation. Whenever shop employees scan a product, all relevant information is displayed on screen. What is the current stock status? Have new orders already been placed by work colleagues? In only a few clicks, avec. employes reorder products out of stock from the wholesaler directly. It is no longer necessary for employees to switch to a stationary work place and manually order products. At the same time, the wholesaler profits from rising sales: By being so simple and fast, the warehouse solution Shopper is a handy tool for employees. As a consequence, they re-order more frequently.  

Mobile. Easy. Fast. In addition to an overview of the current stocks, our app also allows the creation of personalized order lists, lists trendsetters and best-seller products. Thanks to shopping cart analysis and recommendation systems, Shopper also suggests products that fit a current order and can be sold well together with. Thanks to the easy handling, more orders are automatically received by the same dealer. avec. employees and parent company Valora profit from Shopper in equal measure.

Dataphone Shopper App at Valora


Dataphone Scan Cases at Penny

Innovation in Penny markets. Penny Markt GmbH is Europe's third-largest food discounter and distributor of Rewe Group products. In addition to regional and sustainable fruits, Penny also sells vegetables as well as baked goods and refrigerated products. In cooperation with Dataphone, Penny has completely modernized its own branch management. In 2016, the discounter switched from conventional mobile data capturing devices (MDCs) to smartphones with our Linea S scan covers. An innovation for the branch management: Employees safely scan the individual products within seconds.

Two cases of success. Nowadays, software and hardware must be fast, easily adaptable and offer a high investment protection. The two-case concept of Linea S makes this possible: Linea S comprises an upper and an under cover which enables new smartphone generations to be easily replaced without having to purchase a new scan case each time.

Technology and design. Both technical components and design-relevant factors played a role in creating Penny's customized warehouse solution. The discounter is now using Samsung S5 Mini devices with Linea S scan cases for all 3'500 stores adjusted to Penny's corporate design. In addition to 4'500 stationary data capturing devices, Penny also relies on 3'200 mobile devices in inventory kits.

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