The Sieber Group sees itself as an innovative partner for tailor-made solutions in national and international goods traffic: on land, at sea and in the air. And last but not least, as part of the entire value chain. The well-grown family business has stood for reliability and motivation for over 40 years.The Sieber Group has modernized the warehouse management with the hardware Linea PRO 7 from Dataphone AG. Mr. Andreas Schmitter, Team Manager Warehouse Logistics Project & Support at the Sieber Group, explains to us the main advantages of the new systems for the company and why you have chosen the hardware of Dataphone AG: 
"The biggest advantage of the Linea PRO 7 smartphone scanner case is that you can turn an iPhone or an iPod Touch into a professional, high-performance mobile picking scanner. In addition to the premium 2D imager scanner, the Linea PRO also has an integrated and rechargeable battery. We also chose the hardware from Dataphone AG because we really appreciate having a Swiss contact and of course the price-performance ratio was unbeatable."
The Linea PRO 7 devices have been in use by the transport company since mid-2018. "When the warehouse APP was introduced, our warehouse staff carried out their task as usual, with any training required. The warehouse staff immediately noticed that the smartphone scanners from Dataphone AG are easier and better to use, the process masks appear faster and more stable and the scanning performance is clearly higher. The built-in premium mid-range scanner captures every 1D or 2D code very efficiently and precisely. In addition, it captures the codes from every angle and from distances of up to 4 meters. This was crucial for us." Tells us Mr. Schmitter.
Mr. Schmitter continues: "It is important for us to have a local hardware integration partner at our side who supplies us with reliable hardware products and on a long-term basis. This allows us to focus on our core competencies and provide the best services to our customers. Dataphone AG offers the necessary expertise in the logistics and transport sector and speaks our language."

What are the next challenges?

"The next exciting milestone in the logistics history of the Sieber Group will be that we will equip our entire forklift fleet with state-of-the-art forklift tablets and Bluetooth scanners from Dataphone AG. The new scanners read the codes from distances of up to 21 meters. In addition, the tablets are up to 70% cheaper than conventional forklift terminals. Such solutions help us to make logistics more efficient, productive and customer-oriented." Mr. Schmitter tells us.

Sieber Gruppe und Linea Pro 7

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From Logis1 to Logis2. With over 40,000 built houses, SchwörerHaus KG is one of the largest manufacturers of prefabricated houses in Germany. Since 2013, the family-run business relies on our Warehouse Management System (WMS) Logis. In January 2018, the manufacturer decides to switch from Logis1 to Logis2 at its production site Hohenstein-Oberstetten. Dataphone is responsible for process definition, software development and configuration, ERP interface programming (SAP), warehouse organization and structure, as well as system testing and deployment.

New release instead of upgrade. Why Logis2 and not upgrade the existing version of the WMS? First of all, investing in a 10-year-old software would not have been sustainable. Second, the installation of Logis2 means an additional investment, but with it comes a modern and well-established solution with many functions, modern programming language and the latest technological standards. With Logis2, SchwörerHaus KG benefits from optimized inventory management and more transparency in its warehouse management processes. Furthermore, Logis2 is a sustainable solution with guaranteed release capability.

Successful go-live. SchwörerHaus KG's processes regarding goods receipt, order picking and inventory have been improved through the release. The optimized console provides an individual cockpit with job monitor, open picks per zone, setup progress, etc., as well as user administration (roles, rights) and master data management. The go-live takes place over the weekend of January 27 and 28. The manufacturers' employees start operating with the new system the following Monday morning.



Three distribution centres. Volg Konsumwaren AG is a Swiss retailer with headquarters in Winterthur. The company runs three successful store formats with a strong focus on villages and neighbourhoods: Volg Village shops, TopShop petshops and Prima outlets. Fresh products and a friendly service are key to Volg’s over 580 point of sales in the German and French speaking parts of Switzerland. The range of products includes groceries as well as nearfood. The 1’000 sales outlets are being supplied by three distributions centres located in Winterthur (ZH), Landquart (GR) and Oberbipp (BE). For many years now, Volg has used Dataphone’s solutions Logis and Filios to plan and control its assortment. In 2015, the retailer decides to replace the former ERP system FEWAS by SAP which has a significant impact on existing interfaces with Logis and Filios as well as with other partner systems.

Complex interfaces. The complexity of the system landscape turns the ERP change into a very demanding project. Dataphone adapts existing interfaces and develops new ones as well. In addition to incorporating various systems of Volg partners, Dataphone also integrates internal Volg divisions, such as procurement and finance. Furthermore, Dataphone, in close collaboration with Volg, realizes significant improvements in the logistics processes. During the go-live week around July 1, 2017, four Dataphone developers are on location and ensure optimal support and a strong presence in each distribution centre.

Benefits for Volg. Thanks to process improvements and the successful SAP introduction, Volg is able to use Filios and Logis without any interruption or system changes. No new installations were necessary. Furthermore, Logis and Filios were optimized in the course of the ERP change. Ultimately, Volg employees in the distribution centres benefit as well as they are able to keep on using the Dataphone warehouse management system solutions which they already know.

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Volg works with the WMS from Dataphone


Regent relise WMS from Dataphone

Tour management made easy. Regent Lighting AG is one of Europe’s and Switzerland’s leading lighting manufacturers. The company advises lighting planners, architects and lighting installers in the search for the perfect lighting solution. In the spring of 2016, Regent decides to outsource their in-house shipping to Planzer Transport AG. 

Data-based packaging with Logis. This project affects our warehouse management system Logis, which has been in use by Regent since 2011. So far, the fragile lamp components were first commissioned, then packaged and later provided for loading. Goods were only allocated to a certain transport route at the time of loading. In close collaboration with Dataphone, Regent redefined this process.

From three to one. Regent’s in-house shipping is outsourced to Planzer. Logis is therefore adapted in such way that it not only covers Planzer as the new carrier but also the already existing shipping partners Swiss Post and international forwarders. Additionally, the newly programmed packaging process automatically suggests the appropriate transport mode for each type of good. Instead of three heterogeneous shipping processes with Swiss Post, Planzer and international shipping companies Logis now enables a uniform packaging process. After another release, the improved Logis user interface has been reducing potential error even furher.

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