Nationwide drug supply. The pharmaceutical wholesaler Galexis ensures a nationwide and timely supply of medication in Switzerland. Its clients include pharmacies, medical practices, drugstores, hospitals and foster homes. Customers who do not have a POS, point of sale or ERP system or any computer with internet connection have been using so-called Memor devices for ordering medicines for over 20 years. These are provided free of charge by Galexis. In an extensive project, Dataphone is entrusted with the task of developing a new solution for Galexis to simplify and standardize the ordering of medicines of the wms system. This includes not only the development of a corresponding wms ordering software, but also the exchange of devices used for order entry. The project is launched under the name GaliPhone.

iPhones instead of Memor devices. Galexis currently uses around 360 Memor devices. 250 of the users are physicians, 50 are each drugstores and hospitals, and 15 are Galexis employees. The Brunner Pharma medical center, a site of Galexis in St. Gallen, relies on about 380 devices from two different manufacturers with physicians being once again the strongest user group. Within the next two years, 440 devices for the warehouse software will be introduced which includes the replacement of Memor devices as well as the introduction of new devices to new customers. The different models are exchanged for iPhones of the generation 5S. All iPhones are equipped with Dataphone's Linea Pro scan cases, which have all the advantages of an industrial scanner and are already successfully used in the medical sector. Due to the protective cover, the devices of the wms system are also fall- and water-proof.

Pictures of devices

Modern ordering technology with Shopper. Shopper, the smart ordering solution from Dataphone, runs on the iPhones. Shopper meets all of Galexis' requirements. By default, the application is available in German, French, Italian and English. Fast query results are achieved even with large quantities of items. The locally installed app and a performance-optimized synchronization process make it possible to work largely independently of the network. The excellent display quality also allows the use of images, which simplifies ordering processes even further. In the future, GaliPhone will transfer data to IP Galexis, from where it will be forwarded to the ERP system or to the shopping cart e-galexis, depending on the setting of the device. The new devices are connected to the existing systems via XML interface. The project kick-off for the warehouse solution and various workshops take place in early 2017, roll-out and go-live in October 2017 with the first 75 devices. Another 365 devices will now be rolled out gradually.

The project goals at a glance

  • Customizing the device functionalities in regards to the ordering process including the implementation of a standard interface
  • Introduction of GaliPhone to new customers
  • Standardization of the ordering and confirmation processes to Galexis customers including the implementation of the corresponding standard interfaces
  • Standardization of the information available to Galexis customers about the availability and delivery of goods
  • Ensure with the project that the concept is in compliance with the law 

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 SAFE STOCKS FOR HOSPITALS & MEDTECH COMPANIESDataphone with medical solutions

Overview of your hospital materials. Public hospitals need to keep track of all materials (i.e. medicals, clothes, measuring instruments, and also sensitive samples). Working with paper without real data capturing is very faulty and expensive. Thus, it is very useful to digitize your data capturing for the wms system.


  • The station receives full transparency about medicinal products, specimen, working materials and utensils
  • Automatic article flow requirement
  • Easy ordering with Shopper app
  • Goods entry handling from warehouses and from direct suppliers
  • Stock management of medicinal products

Efficient medicine supply.
Become more efficient with your drug supply by using exact inventories, defined storage places, having an automated replenishment in your pharmacy. Reduce walking times, space and save money.


  • Full transparency of medicinal goods stocks
  • Efficient, digital and reliable goods flow thanks to scanning.
  • Visualization of goods flows, working processes and order status
  • Manual of automated picking

Safe transport of blood samples. 

Precisely in the medical sector, criteria such as temperature maintenance and the safe transport of the goods play an important role: For example, the blood samples from Viollier are transported to the appropriate laboratories for analysis at the right time via the Hermes track and trace application.


  • Leaded transport according to aimed time
  • Full transparency over Track & Trace
  • Verified delivery, Proof of Delivery functionalities

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