Smart ordering app for retailers: our warehouse software

Easy Ordering with Shopper

Easy Ordering

  • Order templates
  • Order history
  • Mobile payment and printing
  • Price verification

Fast assortment planning with Shopper

Fast Assortment Planning

  • Faster assortment planning
  • Faster results via the search function
  • Safe inventory control

Sales Promotion with Shopper

Sales Promotion

  • Recommendation Systems
  • Free order
  • Bestseller products
  • Cross-selling





With the Shopper ordering app you can easily plan, order and control - all mobile, easy and fast.

Compared to other retail solutions the warehouse software appeals with its great ease of use, mobility and performance for store managers. E-Commerce platforms are stationary and often don't provide the flexibility of real-time ordering when the user is in front of the shelf itself. With Shopper, a continuous working process is possible for all employees because they don't need to go to the back office in order to make orderings.

A central advantage of this business model is the win-win-situation for stores and wholesalers. On the one hand, Shopper stores obtain a more cost-effective and efficient tool for their daily business. On the other hand, wholesalers profit from higher-order volumes from each customer store thanks to a better stock overview and easy app usage. This sales promotion is even fostered by shopping basket analysis and recommender systems. For example, Shopper automatically recommends matching products based on existing products. This enhances increases in sales for wholesalers.


Award-Winning: Deutscher Industriepreis 2017

Award winning Shopper

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SCM Software for Retail and Medical

scm software for retail and medical

With Shopper SCM Software you can fulfill your daily works in stores, drugstores, or literally everywhere where you need to plan your assortment or with an online shop, repurchase missing articles and taking control of your inventory and stock management. Plan, order and control your stock "on the go" from everywhere in your store.

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