Pick-by-Voice mit LOGIS Voice

Increase in Efficiency with Pick-by-Voice

Increase in Efficiency

Be faster thanks to hands-free working

Assistance with Pick-by-Voice


Guided assistance through the process

Varios Combinations with Pick-by-Voice

Various Combinations

Add scanners to your pick-by-voice system


Voice systems are ideal for hands-free picking in the warehouse or trade. Dataphone is a Total Solution Partner for Pick-by-Voice systems and can advise you on everything from hardware to software.




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Your Benefits

LOGIS Voice is your personal assistant in all warehouse processes. Portable displays are no longer needed. 


High-Performance Logistics

  • High picking performance
  • Full process safety
  • Reduced error rates

Full Transparency

  • Full warehouse visualization
  • Online visibility of every transaction
  • Interfaces with supplier, transport and customer systems

Applicable across Industries

  • Warehouse Management 
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Transport & Shipping


Flexible Usage

  • Smart and automated order control
  • Customizable processes
  • Business Connector for data exchange with ERP & automated storage systems

Latest Technology

  • Direct control of warehouse automation systems
  • Integrated mobile picking techniques: Pick-by-Vision, Pick-by-Voice, Pick-by/to-Light