Pick-by-Vision with DIWA

High Performance with Pick-by-Vision

High Performance

  • Picking time reduction: 10-20%*
  • Error rate reduction: 0,01 – 0,1%
  • Reduction of administration time
  • Reduction of error corrections

Easy User Experince with Pick-by-Vision

Easy User Experience

  • Easy integration of new processes
  • Intuitive Interaction Design
  • Optimized UI design
  • 8h operating time, with additional charging set 1-2 Days

Cost-Benefit-Ratio with Pick-by-Vision

Optimal Cost-Benefit-Ratio

  • AR-Glasses software development are more expensive
  • Starting from 1500 EUR per client
  • Industrial computers are more expensive


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Benefits together with our Warehousing System LOGIS MOVE

High-Performance Logistics

  • High picking performance
  • Full process safety
  • Reduced error rates

Full Transparency

  • Full warehouse visualization 
  • Dashboard with drop-down for full traceability 
  • Interfaces with supplier, transport and customer systems

Applicable across Industries


Flexible Usage

  • Smart and automated order control
  • Customizable processes
  • Business Connector for data exchange with ERP & automated storage systems

Modern Technologies

  • Fast processes by pick by visions via local data storage and in-memory database
  • Automatic synchronization and connectivity
  • Offline and online capability